Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Stand up and speak up,' Bonnie Anderson urges Grace Cathedral congregation

Episcopal News Service-

House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson encouraged a Grace Cathedral congregation October 19 to "get into trouble, not stay out of trouble" by exercising moral authority and leadership through keeping baptismal promises.

"That is the way of the cross. It is from Jesus, a servant, a troublemaker that we take our moral leadership direction," said Anderson, while preaching at the San Francisco cathedral's Sunday morning service. "And if we follow it, if we keep our baptismal promises, we are willingly vulnerable and we will get into trouble.

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Celinda Scott said...

Although we all admire Nelson Mandela and the other leaders who have worked against behavior that is socially unjust, I was surprised that Bonnie Anderson didn't urge us to "stand and speak up", "pick up our cross" and "make trouble" in speaking against other behaviors that gnaw at and hurt our society, such as the deterioration of families, the dishonesty and greed that occur in all walks of life as people try to "manipulate the system" in ways that benefit them personally but hurt others, sexual promiscuity among young teens as well as young adults ("hookups" without love) which is encouraged and reinforced in film and on TV, etc. There is much that is good in our society, but there is much that is not. Young families of all races and walks of life are looking to the church for help with this, but the church seems to have lost interest in any behavioral issues but racial and economic justice; important as those issues are, they don't justify the neglect of other problems.