Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good stuff in TEC: Utah

Soup kitchen gets new home

After operating out of a parking lot through the hottest part of the St. George summer, volunteers with the Community Soup Kitchen in St. George were ecstatic to be back indoors Monday, serving lunch for the first time at Grace Episcopal Church.

The soup kitchen, a charitable group staffed by volunteers from multiple churches and other organizations, serves an average of 100 free meals twice each week to the city's larger-than-ever population of people in need.

Moving from the 110-degree blacktop to the air-conditioned church building makes a big difference, said Georgina Lopez and Maria Rose, two of the people who enjoyed a hot lunch Monday.

"It's much better," Rosa said. "Not too hot."

Willie William, a construction worker who has found jobs scarce in the difficult local economy, said he started visiting the kitchen several months ago and has seen it benefit a large number of locals of all ages.

"Right now, especially, there's a lot of people struggling," he said.

The soup kitchen had operated out of the social hall at St. George Catholic Church for years, but with the building undergoing renovations, volunteers found themselves left outside in the parking lot in June. Still, volunteers said the good deed should continue, and they started serving sandwiches under whatever shade trees they could find.

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