Sunday, August 23, 2009

Local Episcopalians petition to put Waubun priest on bishop ballot

From Minnesota-

A small Episcopal church – so tiny it had to merge with a Presbyterian church to survive – has offered one of its own priests to be the next bishop of Minnesota.

Doyle Turner of Waubun was nominated by a petition circulated by members of Trinity Church - Episcopal and Presbyterian of Park Rapids. Petitioners actually drove the papers to the diocese offices in Minneapolis Aug. 14, the last day to submit petitions.

The petitioners solicited funds to help finance the drive. Typical of his unpresuming nature, Turner thanked parishioners for their support, but told them to keep their donations modest.

“The church needs a rural voice,” he said in accepting their support.

Candidates for the 9th Episcopal bishop of Minnesota will undergo background checks and be formally announced Sept. 25. Three candidates gave already been solicited by the diocese search committee, but the process allows for public petitions for nominations such as Turner’s.

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