Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are the Ten Commandments Relevant Today?

From Norfolk-

There’s a restaurant I like to go to in Chesapeake, VA called Piccadilly’s. Food is served 'cafeteria-style.' You can pick and choose if you want a salad, entrée, vegetables, drink, dessert or all of the above. This is not unlike how some of us view the Ten Commandments.

I was taught that the Ten Commandments were etched in stone (pun intended). All ten of them are to be obeyed; not my FAV5 or the ones I deem to be relevant in today's world. Because we are imperfect, there may have been a time that each of us has broken one or two (it could be as simple as taking extra time for lunch; that's stealing from your employer), but then we need to confess our sin, and get back on track.

Okay, so I’m going THERE! I know people who profess to be Christians. They claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, yet they are adulterers and fornicators, or live with someone to whom they are not married. And, I’ve heard all the excuses. “I’m single and that commandment was for back then; not today’s world.” “God gave me these desires.” “We’re going to get married,” or “God understands.” Does He really? We all have desires and needs. Many of us (self included) desire money. Does that justify breaking the eighth commandment (Thou shall not steal)? Oh, and I’ve also heard this justification, “It’s (adultery) not as bad as breaking number six" (Thou shall not murder). Sometimes we Christians act as if there are “degrees or categories of sin ”; i.e., little sins and big sins. I haven’t read anything in the Bible about categories of sin. Sin is S-I-N.

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