Friday, September 11, 2009

The Right Reverend Noël Jones

London Telegraph

The diocese of Sodor and Man, comprising the Isle of Man and adjacent islets, occupies a somewhat unusual position in the Church of England. Having only 28 parishes, it is part of the province of York; but although appointed by the Crown, the bishop has no rights to a seat in the House of Lords.

He is, however, ex officio a member of the legislative council of the island's parliament, the Tynwald, and very much the Lord Bishop. This was a role which Jones's senior naval experience equipped him not only to fulfil with natural authority but also to defend robustly whenever the bishop's membership of the Tynwald came into question.

People did not always agree with him, for he could be outspokenly conservative on moral matters and such issues such as Sunday trading. But he was held in great respect and affection, not least because his long episcopate enabled him to be very much at home with the islanders and they with him.

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