Saturday, May 14, 2011

Infighting rocks Anglican church

From Swaziland-

A standoff between a reverend and the administration of the Anglican Church in Swaziland is threatening to sow seeds of division as the matter lands at the Archbishop’s office in Cape Town for intervention.

Already a team of investigators were in the country to investigate stinging allegations by Reverend Bhekubuhle Mbatha of the St. Augustine branch in Mpaka against the church and the Bishop of Swaziland Meshack Mabuza.

The tiff includes mismanagement of moneys from the Anglicans of Iowa in the United States for the construction of a church hall, classrooms for orphans and a church structure. Reverend Mbatha, however, believes the entire church project was his brainchild and accuses headquarters of interfering and taking away the running of the affairs of the institution from him.

In a letter dated March 6, 2007 and addressed to Bishop Mabuza, Rev. Mbatha alleges that he had been writing a series of letters to the bishop warning him to stop ‘frustrating, embarrassing, and insulting’ him in public or else he would ‘spill the beans’.

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