Friday, May 13, 2011

Marcia Morrison testifies about alleged shoving incident at St. Luke's Episcopal Church

From Kalamazoo-

A 74-year-old parishioner at St. Luke's Episcopal Church testified today that her pastor forcefully shoved her down the church aisle on March 6 while trying to escape an argument with another congregant after Sunday morning service.

"He shoved me like, 'You're in my way, get out of my way,' " Marcia Morrison said today in Kalamazoo County District Court. "If we had been playing football, I would have anticipated that kind of block. But we weren't playing football."

Morrison testified that she stumbled several feet before regaining her balance by grabbing onto a church pew. She was not seriously injured, she said, although she was sore for several days and her blood pressure was still elevated two days later when she saw her doctor.

Morrison was the first witnesses who testified this morning in the trial of the Rev. Jay R. Lawlor, who was charged with assault and battery as a result of the incident. Lawlor, who has since resigned from the church, requested a jury trial and Judge Vincent Westra is presiding.

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