Monday, May 2, 2011

Tiffany at Trinity

From Vermont-

So how did Louis Comfort Tiffany come to create striking stained-glass windows at a place of worship in Shelburne that has been celebrating Easter Sunday for about 125 years?

The story began when Dr. William Seward Webb and his wife, Lila Vanderbilt Webb, moved to Shelburne in 1886, the year the present chapel for Trinity Episcopal Church was built.

Trinity was founded in 1790 by Deacon Bethuel Chittenden, brother of the first governor of Vermont, Thomas Chittenden. The parish met in houses and barns until a church was built in 1819. That church burned down in the 1860s, so the parish met in Shelburne town hall until the chapel was built in 1886.

The Webbs provided the new little church with a bell, hiring the architect who built the church, William Appleton Potter, to build a bell tower with porte co-chËre, and cover the clapboard worship house with red stone using the then popular neo-gothic style.

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