Friday, July 15, 2011

Betty Ford: A first lady's last farewell

From Michigan-

Former first lady Betty Ford was lauded Thursday as a loving, straight-talking and universally admired woman who battled alcoholism, helped her son overcome his alcoholism and helped thousands in their struggles with addictions and breast cancer.

"She was a great liberator," said presidential historian Richard Norton Smith, eulogizing Ford at the church where she and the late President Gerald Ford were married 58 years ago.

"She not only liberated women, she liberated us from the crippling limits of labels. Mrs. Ford was the feminist next door, a free spirit with a dress code. Above all, she was a wife and mother."

Ford's casket was carried to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, where she will be buried next to her husband. The afternoon of solemn dignity was broken by laughter a few times during eulogies delivered by Norton, family friend Lynne Cheney and son Steven Ford, who told of confronting his disbelieving mother 19 years ago with his own alcoholism.

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