Sunday, July 10, 2011

Church marks South Sudan's independence with call for continued peacebuilding

From Christian Today-

As the Republic of South Sudan becomes the world’s newest country today, the Episcopal Church of the Sudan is pinning its hopes on a future of peace.

The country gained its independence today after a referendum in January in which 98% of southern Sudanese voted to break away from the largely Muslim North.

The secession of the mainly Christian South from the North marks the climax of the 2005 peace deal that brought an end to decades of civil war.

Across South Sudan, jubilant crowds are celebrating their freedom and what they hope will be the start of a peaceful and prosperous future.

In a statement, the head of the Episcopal Church in Sudan, Archbishop Daniel Deng said: “We now have a real government and can now be identified as a nation, which has attracted international support.

“These are great achievements which must be recognised, celebrated and guarded carefully.”

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