Monday, July 18, 2011

Is this ‘jest’ the job for you?

From England (it could only happen there)-

I SAY, I say, I say - did you hear the one about the newest vacancy in town?

Buckingham has lost its jester - a bit careless you may think, but the current incumbent Sam Cross is leaving to study theology at Oxford and to fulfill his calling to be an Anglican priest.

Mr Cross, from Granborough, became the town jester three years ago to bring back the profession made popular in the Middle Ages.

The Magic Circle member took an interest after reading about the history of King James VI’s jester, Archy, who had a long-running feud with George Villiers, the first Duke of Buckingham.

His departure leaves the town council with a vacancy and the search is on for someone with the right skills - juggling, stilt walking and acting the fool - who is prepared to wear the suit on a voluntarily.

Mayor, Mike Smith, said: “Sam added greatly to the abundant humour already in our town, and his gentle buffoonery reminded us of another aspect of England’s rich heritage that is too often overlooked.

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