Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ECs Archbishop Cautions Against Corruption, Igniting of Jonglei Conflicts

From Sudan-

The Archbishop of Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS) Daniel Deng Bul yesterday advised Christians to keep themselves away from corrupt practices which he said are now being heard everywhere in South Sudan.

While preaching at the All Saints Cathedral of Juba the Archbishop said that corruption is a sin and people who called themselves believers should not be mentioned in such practices, adding that all the things done should be for the benefits of the nation not individuals. Bul said there are many consequences of corruption and people who get addicted to it in particular should refrain and all South Sudanese should abstain from misusing public property. The Archbishop stated that it would be meaningless for South Sudan to vote for their independence and again does not satisfy people, and if corruption continues even the martyrs who died for the freedom of South Sudan would be in vain.

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