Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pope lets Anglicans keep traditions Catholic-Anglican use of church in Calgary a first

From Calgary-

It was something that had been in the making for a very long time. But just recently St. John the Evangelist became the first Roman Catholic-Anglican use parish in Canada.

"This is really the end of a long journey for St. John's," says Lee Kenyon of the Inglewood church.

Kenyon was the former parish priest and will be the new parish pastor in June, when he is ordained as a Catholic priest.

"It's been an Anglo-Catholic parish of the Anglican Diocese of Calgary for about 30 to 40 years now," Kenyon says. "As an Anglo-Catholic parish, it has emphasized certain things in common with the Catholic Church, particularly in matters of liturgy and ritual and worship.

"But also in terms of some theological aspects, as well. We've always placed a very high value on sacramental worship, a high view of the priesthood, Marian devotion, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to the saints, prayers to the dead and that sort of thing. Things that are much more in common with the Roman Catholic way of thinking."

Kenyon says 90 per cent of parishioners affirmed that decision in November 2010.

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