Monday, December 26, 2011

Trinity Cathedral opts to be solely Episcopal

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-

Trinity Cathedral, whose shared governance by the rival Episcopal and Anglican dioceses of Pittsburgh had been a symbol of civility amid strife, has chosen to move forward as solely an Episcopal cathedral.

The 11-7 decision, taken with three Anglican members of the cathedral chapter absent, has lit up the Episcopal and Anglican blogospheres since it was made last week. The Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh has criticized the procedural correctness of the vote.

A resolution that created the relationship in 2008 called for a Christian community "in which the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ may be evidenced in our practices of self-restraint, mutual accountability, and extending respect and forbearance to those with whom we differ."

"This is a very sad sort of thing," said the Rev. Catherine Brall, provost of the Downtown cathedral, who first proposed the shared arrangement. "It was a great idea. But, unfortunately, humans being what they are, it was difficult to put into practice. We gave it three years to work, and it just wasn't working."

The dual affiliation was created by an overwhelming majority of both the cathedral chapter and congregation in anticipation of the 2008 decision of the majority at the diocesan convention to leave the Episcopal Church. That group is now the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh. The remaining Episcopalians continued the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. The cathedral had leadership from both and answered to both Episcopal Bishop Kenneth Price and Anglican Archbishop Robert Duncan.

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