Monday, November 18, 2013

Rector explains theology behind Mass celebrated with Catholic priests

From The Irish Times-

A Church of Ireland rector who concelebrated the controversial 2006 Easter Sunday Mass in Drogheda with three Augustinian priests has, for the first time, given his theological reasons for doing so.

The Mass at St Peter’s Augustinian Church was concelebrated by Rev Michael Graham, Fr Iggy O’Donovan, Fr Richard Goode and Fr Noel Hession. Rev Graham told worshippers then it was “the first public celebration in Drogheda of the Eucharist by a Catholic priest of the Anglican tradition in a Catholic Church of the Roman tradition since the Reformation”.

Fr O’Donovan welcomed “members of our sister Church of Ireland” there and later described the event as “the most meaningful Eucharist I ever celebrated”.

Within a month a statement from the Augustinian congregation said Fr O’Donovan, Fr Goode and Fr Hession had written to the Catholic Primate Cardinal Brady, the papal nuncio and the prior general of the Augustinian Order in Rome, apologising “for the ill-considered celebration”. Fr O’Donovan was dismissed from his annual six-month teaching stint in Rome.

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