Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Scripture connects environmental destruction with idolatry, says bishop

From Anglican Journal-

The environmental threat posed by today’s “principalities and powers” is one of the great spiritual issues of our time, National Indigenous Anglican Bishop Mark MacDonald says.

“We live in a society where greed has become normal,” MacDonald said in a keynote address at the daylong, ecumenical Green Churches Forum at Saint Paul University in Ottawa May 11. “In fact, it’s one of the animating factors in the way our culture and the way our economy works.”

When the apostle Paul wrote about the struggles against “principalities and powers,” he was referring to evil rulers, authorities and dark forces of the day, MacDonald suggested. Today, those are the corporations, governments and the way culture has been structured, he said.

“All these principalities and powers are conspiring against the environment” and are creating a climate of injustice, MacDonald said. “This climate of injustice is something that we, as religious people, have to say is one of the great moral and spiritual issues of our time.”

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