Monday, May 15, 2017

The Anglican Church Has Rejected A Rebuttal To Its “Hurtful” Same-Sex Marriage Booklet

From Australia-

The critique was written by progressive Anglican priest Rev. Dr Keith Mascord in response to the Anglican Sydney Diocese’s document What Has God Joined Together?, which claims legalising same-sex marriage would have adverse consequences for children, women and society more broadly.

What Has God Joined Together? also describes a change in the marriage law as potentially the “greatest threat to religious freedom we have ever seen in Australia”, and advises lay people on how to respond to common questions in the marriage debate, such as “Why does God have such a problem with gay people?”

About 65,000 copies have been distributed to Anglicans in Sydney and some areas of regional NSW since late February. It can also be accessed online.

Mascord, an Anglican priest who works in corrective services, was angered by the document and penned what he described as a “scathing critique”, which he sent to Sydney Archbishop Glenn Davies and senior clergy last week.

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