Friday, October 13, 2017

Anglican Leaders Slam Sydney Diocese's $1 Million Donation To The "No" Campaign

From Buzz Feed-

Anglican leaders and laypeople have slammed the Diocese of Sydney's decision to donate $1 million to the "no" campaign in Australia's same-sex marriage survey.

BuzzFeed News revealed on Monday evening that the diocese had donated the sum to leading "no" group, the Coalition for Marriage, last month. It is the first significant church donation to come to light in the campaign thus far.

The Diocese of Sydney is a founding member of the Coalition for Marriage, along with the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney and political activist groups Marriage Alliance and the Australian Christian Lobby.

In his address to the 51st Synod of the diocese on Monday afternoon, archbishop Glenn Davies said "the stakes are high and the cost is high" in the marriage debate.

"Yet the cause is just and it is a consequence of our discipleship to uphold the gift of marriage as God has designed it — a creation ordinance for all people," he said. "By so doing, the wisdom of God is made manifest."

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