Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Former youth pastor charged with sexual assault; Faces 5 years to life in prison

From Virginia Beach-

A former youth pastor charged with sexual penetration has been found guilty by a Virginia Beach judge.

Jeffrey Bondi, 47, was charged with a crime that happened 15 years ago while he was working as a youth minister at Galilee Episcopal Church in Virginia Beach.

34-year-old Margaret Anne Viola, who was 18-years-old at the time, told police that Bondi sexually assaulted her while he was working at her church.

Viola now lives in California and is a comedian/writer.

Court documents obtained by News 3 reveal the nature of the crime and describe sexual penetration of the victim. In court, prosecutors said Bondi asked the victim to babysit his children and then touched her inappropriately the night of October 27th. The victim testified that he forcefully touched her again when she attempted to leave the house.

The defense acknowledges Bondi acted inappropriately, but says Bondi never felt the contact was forceful and didn't warrant an object sexual penetration charge.

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