Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Diocese to St. James: Let’s Talk

From The Living Church-

The planned sale of the former St. James the Great Church in Newport Beach has fallen through, but apparently the congregation that has been locked out of the building for more than two years will not return without some detailed conversations.

In a message circulated by email after business hours Oct. 10, Bishop Coadjutor John H. Taylor wrote to the diocese: “After a suitable period of discernment and planning, we will reopen the church as a bishop’s chapel, with supply, or guest, clergy invited to conduct Sunday services. It will be open to all in the community who wish to attend and glorify and serve our God in Christ.”

The statement, signed also by the Rev. Rachel Anne Nyback, president of the diocesan Standing Committee, added: “We again pledge to do all we can pastorally, logistically, and financially to assist the St. James congregation should it wish to regain mission status in the diocese.”

“The whole diocesan community has been through a rocky couple of years,” Taylor told TLC by telephone Tuesday evening. “Today’s development gives us the opportunity to do some discernment, and all things worth doing are worth doing in a deliberate, discerning way.

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