Friday, November 24, 2017

Archbishop Welby and Patriach Kirill agree to focus on shared interests

From The Church Times-

THE Archbishop of Canterbury and the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, signing an appeal in Moscow to world leaders, have called for effective measures to defeat terrorism and help Christians who are suffering persecution in the Middle East.

Archbishop Welby — who was making his first-ever visit to Russia — and Patriarch Kirill denounced what they called the mass killings of Christians in the Middle East and Africa, the desecration of holy sites, and the expulsion of millions of people from their homes.

“Our hearts are pained by the mass exodus of the Christian population from those places where the Good News began to be spread throughout the Christian world,” they said. The war had taken away tens of thousands of lives and left millions of people homeless. They called for “speedy help” from the international community to support Christian and other populations in the Middle East, and said that widescale humanitarian assistance was needed for the vast number of refugees, especially those in Europe and the United States.

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