Thursday, August 30, 2018

Fr. Richard Neuhaus: “At epicenter” of clergy sex abuse scandals “is grave negligence of bishops”

From Life Site-

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, founder of First Things, prolific pro-life activist, renowned orator and intellectual giant passed away in January of 2009. One thing he was especially known for was his blunt, piercing articles on the Church sexual abuse crisis of 2002 and onwards. Neuhaus bore into areas the Catholic bishops refused to go, repeatedly and correctly naming the crisis as being one of homosexuality, a crisis of “grave negligence of bishops” and a crisis of widespread infidelity to Church teachings among the clergy. Finally, with the revelations about Cardinal McCarrick, the Pennsylvania grand jury report and Archbishop Vigano’s explosive letter, Neuhaus is being vindicated.

  On the sexual abuse scandals, Fr. Neuhaus was by far the most honest of all prominent commentators. He called the bishops to serious account for their negligence and deadly refusal to acknowledge the real causes of the scandal. Neuhaus wrote a great deal about how this was threatening to destroy the Church in the West with consequent great loss to the entire culture.

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