Thursday, August 30, 2018

Justin Welby to UN Security Council: Church will not walk away from global pain

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The Archbishop of Canterbury has promised the United Nations Security Council that the Church of England will do all it can to provide mediation and peaceful resolution of conflict in war-torn countries. 

Most Rev Justin Welby addressed the UN Security Council in New York on Wednesday. 
He told the council that the Church is embedded in communities where conflict and violence is rampant and said that the Church “cannot and will not walk away” from those who are suffering.

“Let me pledge my support to you, Mr Secretary-General, in this work,” Archbishop Justin said.
“I have the privilege of having assembled a team in my office that is already learning from past experiences. Many of them worked with the UN. Together we can reach out to counterparts from other faiths to encourage their involvement and support, as they are already doing.

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