Thursday, July 9, 2009

Archbishop of Canterbury Puts Diocese’s Place In Anglican Communion On His Agenda

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual leader of the world-wide Anglican Communion, spent part of his first day at the Episcopal Church’s General Convention learning about the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh and other dioceses where former bishops are seeking to form an alternative Anglican province.

The Archbishop, Rowan Williams, held separate meetings with Pittsburgh Assisting Bishop Robert H. Johnson and Standing Committee President, the Rev. Dr. James Simons. They were joined in their respective discussions by representatives of the three other U.S. dioceses where bishops have left the Episcopal Church.

“I’m very happy that we had the opportunity to discuss our situation in Pittsburgh and the other dioceses with the Archbishop,” said Dr. Simons. “We wanted him to understand how we view our place in Anglican Communion and how important it is to us. I found the Archbishop’s response to what we told him was both sympathetic and supportive.”

The discussions took place during a lunch with the bishops and an early afternoon meeting with the President of the House of Deputies Council of Advice, of which Dr. Simons is a member. Both sessions were private.

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