Monday, July 6, 2009

Churches challenged to network for Kenya's sake

From Kenya Broadcasting-

Right Rev. Dr. Eliud Wabukhala was Sunday consecrated and enthroned as the fifth primate and Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya.

The archbishop, formerly of Bungoma diocese was elected on the 24th April this year after He won on a simple majority beating three other contestants.

Dr. Wabukhala succeeds Benjamin Nzimbi, an outspoken critic of the government against corruption.

Attending the ceremony, President Mwai Kibaki reassured Kenyans of the grand coalition government's commitment to implement programmes aimed at making the country a better home for its people.

President Kibaki was speaking at the All Saints Cathedral during the consecration and enthronement of Rev. Dr. Eliud Wabukala as the 5th Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya

President Kibaki said the government had made formidable milestones in its quest to address diverse problems afflicting its people, efforts which would vigorously be pursued to their logical conclusion.

The Head of State, on that note, urged Church organizations to partner and network with the government and other development minded individuals and institutions to implement programmes that uplift the standards of living in the country.

"Instead of complaining about the various ills in the country, the Church needs to work together with the government in seeking solutions and offer constructive criticism where necessary", said the President.

President Kibaki told religious leaders to be truthful in their deeds and to lead by example, guided by teachings in the Holy Scriptures.

"Be genuine in whatever you do for the country to enable Kenyans to differentiate between Christians and other ordinary people", the Head of State told religious leaders.

On the current food situation, the Head of State said the government was doing everything possible to feed the nation despite the food shortages experienced in various parts of the country.

He, however, advised Kenyans in parts of the country where government relief food had not reached to appreciate the efforts by lodging genuine complaints through the right channels.

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