Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Program, Budget and Finance committee faces realities of current economic climate

From Episcopal Life Onlne-

Many people are fearful and angry over the economic crisis and the world's troubles, said Pan Adams-McCaslin, chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance (PB&F), and she suggested July 6 that her committee help the Episcopal Church rewrite the equation.
During the committee's first gathering here, Adams-McCaslin offered what she called a new fraction with hope on one side and grace and "our own experience of the love of God" on the other.

"We get to talk about the hope of this church and to help craft a document that we take to the floor on (July 15) that says to the church: 'this is an outward and visible sign of the hope for this church and that we ask you to support that,'" she said.

Later in the day she acknowledged to Episcopal News Service that the 2010-2012 budget "is going to be very, very tight."

The committee has already been told that income during the 2010-2012 triennium could be $9 million less than forecast last January, when Executive Council approved the draft churchwide budget it is required to give to PB&F four months before the start of General Convention. That figure will likely increase over the next few days as more dioceses respond to an on-going survey of bishops and diocesan financial officers.

During the July 6 gathering PB&F members said that Episcopalians have told them they expect the General Convention, the church's triennial policy-making gathering, to pass a three-year budget that reflects the realities of the economy they live with each day. The members also said they sense a commitment to mission and openness to creative responses to the crisis.

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