Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Renewing dioceses embrace mission, evangelism

From Episcopal Life-

Bishops and deputies from four continuing Episcopal dioceses shared stories of energetic mission and renewal, transformation and evangelism during a July 7 live webcast from the 76th General Convention.

The representatives, from the dioceses of Pittsburgh, the Peoria, Illinois-based Quincy, Fort Worth (Texas) and Stockton, California-based San Joaquin, also described warm welcomes at convention and gratefulness for the church's support during their reorganizations.

Another deputy stopped the Rev. Dr. Jim Simons, a seven-time deputy and chair of the committee on dispatch of business, from Pittsburgh, in a convention hallway. "He said I know we disagree on a lot of things, but I'm so glad you're here. I need you in my church."

For others, like the Rev. David Madison, a first-time deputy from Fort Worth, there were "tangible acts of love, and support" such as gift bags and notes from the Diocese of Rochester, reminders that "we're in their prayers and encouraging us for the work we're doing. That's very important to us"

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Katie Sherrod, a first-time deputy and communications director for the Fort Worth diocese said a journey that "began in heartbreak is moving toward joy every day. We are free now to do the kind of mission and ministry" desired. She acknowledged some residual feelings of grief, loss and anger but added that Ted Gulick, Bishop of Kentucky who is also serving as provisional Fort Worth bishop, is "loving us into health."

Bob Johnson, assisting bishop in Pittsburgh, said the diocese has embarked on monthly "leadership days … (which) strengthen us to reclaim our rightful position in ministry as Episcopalians who love to be Episcopalians and are following the mission of Christ in our church."

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Celinda Scott said...

Good to read this. I missed the webstream last night--apparently it can be accessed on the GC website, but so far my computer can't download it.