Monday, October 11, 2010

102-year-old Hannah Solomon honored at Fairbanks celebration

From Alaska-

Hannah Solomon’s lifelong example of giving, caring and sharing, intertwined with love and respect, was returned many times over at her 102nd birthday celebration Sunday.

The Athabascan matriarch was greeted with a rousing version of “Happy Birthday” as she entered St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church hall for the afternoon party.

A stream of more than 300 people flowed in and out of the crowded church hall, extending their best wishes, love and hugs to “Grandma Hannah.”

Seated at a white, cloth-covered table accented with a bouquet of salmon-colored roses, Hannah’s apparel added another spark of color.

A bright pink scarf encircled her neck, and her velveteen jacket embossed with multi-colored flowers and leaves was reminiscent of her highly-prized beadwork.

Hannah excelled at that art form, which she learned as a girl, and examples of her beaded work can be found in museums and private collections.

Speeches were delayed until everyone was fed from a heaping buffet of food including moose, caribou, salmon, goose, rabbit, porcupine, side dishes and desserts.

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