Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chilean Archbishop Booted From Top Anglican Panel

From Huffington-

Chile's top Anglican bishop has become collateral damage in the border wars between the Episcopal Church and conservatives overseas.

Bishop Tito Zavala of Chile has been removed from an international commission that considers questions of faith and governance in the Anglican Communion, a network of 44 regional churches around the world.

The Rev. Kenneth Kearon, secretary general of the communion, announced Zavala's removal from the Anglican Standing Commission on Unity, Faith, and Order on Wednesday (Oct. 14).

Zavala was ousted because his archbishop, the Most Rev. Gregory Venables, refused to answer questions about his supervision of conservatives in four breakaway Episcopal dioceses and dozens of parishes, Kearon said in a statement.

"These decisions are not taken easily or lightly, but relate to the gracious restraint requested (by Anglican leaders) ... and the implications for communion bodies when these requests are not honored," Kearon said.

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