Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Clergy join to fight housing law repeal

From Boston-

Christian, Jewish, and Muslim clergy gathered yesterday at Trinity Church in Copley Square to urge Massachusetts residents to vote no on Question 2, which would repeal the state’s affordable housing law.

They said overturning the law, known as Chapter 40B, would make it harder to build homes for senior citizens, working families, and others in need of affordable housing.

They also released a petition with more than 200 names of area clergy who oppose the ballot question.

Ellen Feingold, treasurer of the Campaign to Protect the Affordable Housing Law, said there is a long list of seniors waiting for affordable housing, some of whom have waited up to six years.

“Imagine telling an 80-year-old who says she needs affordable housing that she may have to wait as much as six years,’’ Feingold said. “It is unconscionable.’’

The 41-year-old law has long been controversial because it allows developers to bypass certain local zoning laws if municipalities lack sufficient affordable housing, which the law defines as at least 10 percent of local housing stock.

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