Monday, February 7, 2011

Episcopal Diocese Signs Agreement with St. Philip’s Church

From The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh Feb 2-

On behalf of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh of the Episcopal Church of the United States and St. Philip's Church, Moon Township, we are happy to publicly announce that we have amicably reached an agreement concerning the parish property at St. Philip's.

The terms of agreement resolve questions over the intended use of the church property and pave the way for the people of St. Philip's to have full title to their place of worship. The agreement follows months of confidential negotiations and intense consideration by representatives on both sides. A summary of the terms is contained with this announcement.

By resolving these issues of ownership and use of church property, our agreement allows the parish and the Episcopal Diocese to continue in their ministry without supporting or engaging in lawsuits involving the other. The Gospels and all of Scripture teach us that when differences arise among believers, our first duty is to seek peace and reconciliation with each other. We believe that both the Episcopal Diocese and the parish have been faithful to those Scriptural lessons in reaching this agreement.

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