Monday, February 7, 2011

Episcopal diocese wins a legal round

Post Gazette Feb 3-

The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has won round two in a fight with the rival Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh over $20 million in assets.

An appeals court Wednesday upheld a decision that took the money from the Anglican diocese, led by Archbishop Robert Duncan. The two split in 2008 over theological issues.

The ruling covers assets held by the central diocese. Parish property is to be negotiated.

Episcopal Bishop Kenneth Price Jr. welcomed the decision, which arrived the day his diocese reached the first settlement with an Anglican parish. It required that parish to cut ties with the Anglican diocese for five years.

"We are pleased with the court's findings and hope this will be the final legal challenge concerning this issue," he said.

He invited Anglican congregations "to join us in negotiating a settlement to our differences."

Archbishop Duncan, who is also primate of the theologically conservative Anglican Church in North America, hasn't decided whether to appeal.

"The decision of the appellate court is deeply disappointing," he said. "In the next hours and days the bishop and standing committee will pray and take counsel about our corporate path forward."

In response to a court order, the Anglican diocese turned over the assets last year. The Episcopal diocese has sent Anglican parishes income from their endowments. But while the case remains active, potential exists to reverse ownership.

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