Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anglicans leave Church of England for Rome

From England-

Churches have seen their congregations decimated this week after dissident Anglican priests and their parishioners turned to Rome.

Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of the exodus in both Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells as worshippers opted instead to celebrate their first mass at Catholic churches.

In Tunbridge Wells, Father Ed Tomlinson led 70 worshipers to join St Anselm’s Roman Catholic Church in Pembury leaving a congregation of just 15 at his former church St Barnabas.

Meanwhile, Father Ivan Aquilina took 40 parishioners with him to St Thomas’ Roman Catholic Church in Sevenoaks leaving 50 at the town’s St John the Baptist Church.

They join around 600 Anglicans nationally who have decided to leave the Church of England over liberal reforms such as the ordination of women bishops.

Pope Benedict XVI has created a new body called the English Ordinariate for Church of England traditionalists who want to switch allegiance to Rome while retaining some of their Anglican customs.

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