Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Should You Give up Social Networking or Church for Lent?

This was Tweeted to me- ;)

Last year I posted this rant about giving up Social Media for Lent. I think it still holds true this year. Would love to hear what you think.

Oh the dreaded question that comes around every year as we Jesus-types start that time in our church life known as Lent. Lent is that time - 40'ish days before Jesus begins his walk to the cross - that is to be a time of repentance, reflection and humility all in preparation for Holy Week and Jesus' walk to the cross, his death and resurrection.

As part of the traditional Lenten experience, many people give something up, symbolically, mentally and/or physically sacrificing something that keep him/her separated from God. In this act of giving something up that in some ways has taken God's place in our lives, we thus learn to fight temptation to forget God, we examine our own brokenness and we promise to God to chance our ways or "repent."

One of the things that seems to be popular over the past few years is to give up social networking: Facebook, Twitter, etc. Yesterday, feeling a little snarky and willing to express my feelings as such, I posted this tweet:*

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