Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waynesboro ministers helping homeless

From Virginia-

Charity organizations know there are homeless people in Waynesboro. A murder case winding through the local courts involving homeless men heightened awareness of the issue within the last year.

The challenge for those wanting to help them is finding out how many people in the city need shelter and what can be done to help them, one local minister said.

After months of planning and gathering information, a committee of ministers plans to solicit churches to host cold-weather shelters starting in the fall, said Lt. John Blevins, pastor of the Waynesboro Salvation Army.

But even that will serve as a gauge for the local need, said Blevins, who is a member of the homelessness committee.

"It's been really tough trying to figure out exactly what the need is as far as the homeless population here in Waynesboro," Blevins said.

That need came to light in the May 12 slaying of 44-year-old John K. Miller, a homeless man living along the banks of the South River. Another homeless man, Matthew Painter, pleaded guilty last month to second-degree murder in the slaying. A second suspect accused of helping conceal Miller's body still faces a murder charge.

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