Friday, November 16, 2018

Bishop of CNY Episcopal Diocese maintains support for same-sex marriage

From Central New York-

The issue of gay marriage is at the heart of a disagreement in the Episcopal Church in upstate New York. An Albany Bishop has banned same-sex marriage in his diocese, going so far as to say in a letter to the Albany Diocese that the church has been 'hijacked by the 'gay rights agenda,'" with Satan at the source of this division in the church. 

But the Bishop of the Central New York Diocese strongly disagrees.

Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe said she was aware that Bishop William Love and others have struggled with the concept of gay marriage in the Episcopal Church, but was surprised at the severity in tone of Love's letter.

"Even if we disagree about what morality might be, we must love one another," Duncan-Probe said. "So I too was troubled when he invoked the term Satan, because I think it was more damaging than he realizes."

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