Thursday, November 15, 2018

Episcopal Bishop of Albany Rejects 'Gay Marriage,' a 'Lie' From 'Satan'

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The Rt. Rev. William H. Love, the Episcopal bishop of Albany, N.Y., released a "pastoral directive" on Nov. 10 stating that recently approved "gay marriage" rites shall "not be used anywhere" by the clergy in his diocese. He also stated that people in the Episcopal Church who think same-sex marriage is a good thing "have been deceived into believing a lie" spun by the "great deceiver" -- Satan.

In July, the Episcopal Church leaders voted to approve Resolution B012, which set the policy for performing gay marriages. The policy provides "gender-neutral marriage rites" and affirms that Episcopal clergy may perform the rite even if their bishop objects. Episcopal priests perfomring the gay marriages are allowed to seek "pastoral support" from a bishop of another diocese, if needed.  The new rite is scheduled to go into effect in December. 

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