Thursday, November 15, 2018

Justin Welby pays tribute to 'prophet' Charles on 70th birthday

From England-

The Prince of Wales has been described as a "prophet" by the Archbishop of Canterbury as he paid tribute to him on his 70th birthday.

The Most Rev Justin Welby said the heir to the throne had shown his "prophetic instincts" in his championing of the environment and his early warnings of the threat posed by plastic pollution.

The leader of the Anglican church was speaking as peers in the House of Lords hailed the Prince of Wales' "outstanding service to the nation" and wished him "many happy returns" on turning 70.

Referring to accusations levelled at the prince of "meddling" in public affairs, the Archbishop said: "In the Church we politely say 'being prophetic'.

"To some extent, his Royal Highness is a prophet.

"A prophet in the Old Testament is someone who sees slightly further into things than other people and, perhaps to some people's discomfort at times, may bring them out and is then proved to be right.

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