Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Animal sacrifice?

From the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" Department- Philadelphia division

Philadelphia police are pretty sure they've got a case of animal sacrifice on their hands, perhaps even the ritual of Santeria.

Officers with the SPCA arrived at the cemetery at Trinity Oxford Episcopal Church in Lawncrest Monday night and found the head of a goat and the remains of 5 roosters.

Investigators say animal sacrifices are happening with alarming frequency a half dozen within the past couple of months.

A bag full of organs and a candle were among the items left behind. Investigators found little blood at the scene indicating to them that the animals were used in some sort of religious ritual.

"All the blood is drained for the most part from these animals in these sacrifices and used in the ritual," said George Bengal, the director of law enforcement for the SPCA.

He's trying to track down the butchers responsible for the rash of sacrifices. In December, a similar sacrifice was performed in Pennypack Park on back to back nights in the same spot. 10 goats and roosters in all were killed.

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