Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Stuff In TEC: Albany

Dominican Republic mission seeks spare buckets to save lives

A bucket drive is under way as part of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany Mission to the Dominican Republic.

As part of the mission, Paul Gutmann, former operator of the Village of Lake Placid water works, has been trying to bring portable water purifiers to the regions the mission visits.

It takes two five-gallon buckets and other materials to make each filtration unit.

And spare buckets allow people to bring an extra supply of water from the community spigot, Gutmann said.


He is asking people who have spare five-gallon plastic buckets to contact him at 523-9077 or by e-mail at gutmannpaul@yahoo.com.

People can also bring buckets to the St. Eustace Episcopal Church, 2450 Main St., Lake Placid.

The buckets should be easy to clean, he said, such as those that held joint compound, food or driveway salt. It is a plus if the lid is still available, Gutmann said.

"We are designating Wednesday, Feb. 18, as official bucket pickup day, but we will accept clean buckets at any time," Gutmann said by e-mail.


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