Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Stuff in TEC: California

ACCA to start free community garden

Those pining for garden-fresh vegetables but don't have the land may now have an excuse to buy a pair of work gloves for the garden. The Anderson Cottonwood Christian Assistance is starting a free community garden primarily for residents of Anderson, Cottonwood and Happy Valley.

"There is free land, free water and free seedlings," community garden committee member Lyle Amlin said. "All we need you to do is plant, weed, water and harvest. The hitch is we're asking all gardeners to donate 25 percent of their yield to the ACCA."

Land and water for the community garden was donated by St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Amlin said. Anderson FFA volunteered to do the roto-tilling and provide seedlings from their hot house. Happy Valley Elementary also promised to donate seedlings.

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