Saturday, February 21, 2009

TEXAS: Wimberly turns over diocesan operations to successor bishop

Episcopal Diocese of Texas Bishop Don Wimberly has handed over operations of the diocesan offices and the work of the diocese at large to Bishop Coadjutor Andy Doyle.
Wimberly announced his intention to step away from diocesan operations in his February 14 address to the 160th Diocesan Council. Wimberly, who will retire June 6, will continue to chair the diocesan foundations, the diocesan executive council, St. Luke's Episcopal Health System, and the board of the Austin-based Seminary of the Southwest until then.

The transition is earlier than expected, prompted by Wimberly's hospitalization in January, when Doyle stepped in for him. "This time has proven to me that [Andy] is ready and we, as a diocese, are ready to move forward," Wimberly said, adding, "I will work with him as he takes on these new roles; such a partnership is natural for us." Doyle had been Wimberly's canon to the ordinary (a position that assists the bishop in the administration of the diocese) since 2003. He was elected coadjutor (bishop with right of succession) in May 2008.

In his remarks to council, which was held February 13-14 in Houston, Doyle announced a series of town hall meetings this spring to help prioritize goals for his episcopacy.

Doyle also reaffirmed that his leadership would be in "harmony with the [Anglican Communion's 2004] Windsor Report'" and stated his belief in the importance of securing an Anglican covenant. (The Windsor Report is a document that recommended ways in which the Anglican Communion can maintain unity amid diversity of opinions, especially relating to human sexuality issues and theological interpretations. One of those recommendations was a yet-to-be-agreed-upon Anglican covenant.)

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