Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anglican churches to file appeal in Supreme Court of Canada

From Canada-

St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Abbotsford is among four parishes that are filing an appeal with Canada's highest court.

Trustees from the four churches have instructed their legal counsel to file an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, in response to a B.C. Court of Appeal decision reached on Nov. 15. The application must be submitted by Jan. 14.

Last month's decision removed the parishes' rights to use their church buildings, because they are using their properties outside the jurisdiction of the Diocese of New Westminster.

The two sides have been in conflict over the issue of same-sex blessings. The churches have maintained that the blessings are contrary to core Anglican doctrine, while the diocese supports them.

The churches broke away from the Anglican Church of Canada – to which the diocese belongs – to join the Anglican Network in Canada in February 2008.

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