Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Are Called to Serve, Not to Be Served

From Liberia-

An Episcopal clergyman, the Rev. Prince T. Wreh, says unlike other institutions where the heads expect people to serve them, leaders of the Episcopal Church should serve as servants of those they lead.

In his message to seven ordained leaders including deacons and priests of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, on December 21, 2010, Clergyman Wreh said, it was a difficult undertaking for one to be a leader in a church.

“Remember that as a leader in a church, some of the members will falsely implicate you and despise you,” Rev. Wreh pointed out.

He asked: “Are you ready to face these enormous conditions as you are forsaking other things that would make life better for you”?

The Episcopal Clergyman also cautioned that for anyone to serve the church, it does not necessarily require the person's academic intellectualism.

“It depends on one's willingness to adhere to meeting the needs of the congregation,” he stressed.

In addition, Rev. Wreh said a called minister always remembers his ordination vow and walks in chalk line with it in order to keep him/her on track.

He told the newly ordained Deacons and Priests that the call of God was not in agreement with traditional culture of people but has its own obligations.

“I am not frightening you as you become leaders. The world is full of troubles, while serving as a deacon or priest, you will face some of the challenges,” he added.

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