Friday, December 17, 2010

Ballarat Anglican Bishop to conduct final services

From Australia-

AFTER seven years of service as bishop of the Ballarat Anglican diocese, Michael Hough will conduct his final Ballarat service this afternoon.

Yesterday, the 57-year-old recalled some of his highlights during his ministry.

"I think Anglicans are prouder for being Anglican now than they were seven years ago," Bishop Hough said.

"The old reputation of the Anglican church in Ballarat was as an old- fashioned, conservative, traditional and male-dominated church and I think while we're still traditionalist we're very modern as well and that's what I take great pride in," he said.

The bishop experienced a number of challenges this year with calls for him to resign after concerns his leadership had failed.

He said his departure from the diocese was to save the church from its ongoing battles.

He said he was not satisfied with the way in which the church had handled the situation.

"We don't need to fight those things," Bishop Hough said.

"The church should be focused on the poor and the marginalised, not on internal fighting.

"At the last general synod the church said it had done it all wrong."

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