Friday, December 17, 2010

Clergy claim damages against diocese

From England-

TWO Anglican priests, including retired dean of Newcastle Reverend Graeme Lawrence, will mount damages claims against Newcastle Anglican diocese in February after a NSW Supreme Court judge agreed yesterday that the diocese had a case to answer over its handling of disciplinary proceedings against the two men.

The diocese agreed to an order not to proceed further with sanctions against Reverend Lawrence and Reverend Graeme Sturt until a hearing of the issues in February, following professional standards board hearings against four clergy and a church worker this week.

The hearings against Reverend Lawrence and Reverend Sturt related to breach of trust issues. Both men denied the allegations.

In the Supreme Court yesterday before Justice Patricia Bergin, SC, the two priests filed a claim seeking an order quashing professional standards board determinations made against them on Wednesday.

They will seek to have the determinations ruled invalid, a declaration that the professional standards board failed to observe procedural fairness, that the diocese be permanently restrained from giving effect to the determination, and damages.

The solicitor for the two men, John Woodward, said the damages claim related to the publishing and distribution of the board's determinations to the public and media after Wednesday's hearing.

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