Sunday, October 21, 2018

Diocese of Easton commemorates Founders’ Day

From Easton-

As part of the diocese’s yearlong anniversary observances, the Bishop of Easton, the Right Rev. Dr. Santosh Marray led a “Diocesan Founders’ Day” tribute on Tuesday, Oct. 9, at the grave of Bishop Henry C. Lay, first bishop (1869-1885) and second bishop, William Forbes Adams (1869-1920), in Easton’s Springhill Cemetery and at Trinity Easton Cathedral on Goldsborough Street.

The Episcopal Diocese of Easton turns 150 this year. The diocese was carved out of the Diocese of Maryland as a free-standing diocese in November 1868. Christian presence and witness were introduced to the state of Maryland in 1631 with the founding of the first Anglican/Episcopal congregation, Christ Church, Kent Island.

Lay (1823-1885) began his episcopacy as the Episcopal Missionary Bishop for the Southwest in 1859, an area that encompassed Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.

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