Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sydney Anglicans ban same-sex marriage on hundreds of church properties

From Australia-

As a row of purple-clad gay and lesbian churchgoers sat quietly watching in the public gallery, the Sydney Anglican Synod on Monday night voted in favour of a policy that will prevent same-sex marriages, parties or events that might advocate "expressions of human sexuality contrary to our doctrine of marriage" on about a thousand church-owned properties.

The policy will apply to all future leases to tenants on church property, all parishes, church halls, Anglican schools, counselling services nursing homes and Anglican corporations, and all members of the boards of those bodies will be expected to uphold a "Christian ethos" that hews to a traditional view of marriage and sexuality.

In the face of strong opposition to the proposed policy over the weekend, several amendments were made and the mover of the bill, Bishop Michael Stead, apologised to Indigenous Australians for failing to properly consult with them on smoking ceremonies, to LGBTQI people for failing to spell out that different points of view could still be aired, and to transgender people who "heard they were not welcome in our churches".

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