Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Former WSU campus ministry director elected first woman Episcopal bishop of Kansas

From Kansas-

Rev. Cathleen Bascom has broken ground as a woman in the Episcopal church many times over the last three decades. She was the first woman to go through the entire lengthy and taxing process of ordination to the priesthood in Kansas in the 1980’s. Now Bascom will be consecrated as the first ever woman bishop of the Diocese of Kansas.

Bascom, from the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa, was in charge of campus ministries at Wichita State and Kansas State from 1993-2001. She was elected Friday as the tenth bishop to lead the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas — making her the first woman to fill the role since the formation of the diocese in 1859.  

Women have been allowed ordination to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church since 1976, but the first woman was not elected as bishop until 1988. When Bascom was ordained in the Diocese of Kansas, women’s ordination was relatively new and those early days could be lonely and difficult for female clergy. 

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