Wednesday, October 24, 2018

'No-brainer': Sydney Anglicans vote in support of allowing domestic violence survivors to remarry

From Australia-

In a historic moment for the Sydney Anglican Church, and the latest in a series of small victories for Christian survivors of domestic violence, the synod has for the first time voted in favour of allowing divorced survivors of abuse to remarry.

In a secret ballot held on Tuesday night the diocesan synod voted 325-161 in favour of a motion requesting that bishops consider "approving the remarriage of a divorced person, where that person has been abused physically or emotionally by their former spouse".

It was first put to a vote on voices but, because it was too close to call, a ballot was collected — the results of which revealing more support for the motion than synod members had been prepared to show in public.

It had taken 34 years of deliberation.

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